Saturday, May 16, 2015

Smart School Spring Semester

 My second semester at Smart School is just about over. Here are my finished pieces!

"Tender Briar" 12X18, oil
This is the most recent one. I used my eldest son as the model for this one. It is not intended as a portrait of him but it is a good likeness all the same. Rebecca reminded me of the importance of using everything good in the reference. 

"The Golden Bird" 8X12, acrylic
This one is based on the fairytale by the same name. In my sketch the man was beardless but I used my husband as reference and liked the beard, so I decided to use it!

"For a Rose" 10X18, oil
This one is basically what it looks like. A version of La Belle et la Bete. :)

"The East Wind Came" 12X24, acrylic
I just really like the imagery in this idea. The juxtaposition of the girl emerging from a cloud upside down and the bird passing by right side up.



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