Monday, January 5, 2015

SmArt school #3

For this next piece Rebecca recommended I try starting out with a photo I loved and I developing it from there. So I found some photos I thought were interesting and sketched them out in my book just to see how I felt about them. I went with a photo of a boy that I found compelling.

I decided I wanted him to be walking in front of a mural that would be coming alive behind him.  I made a few different concepts around that. There were others, but I set them aside and played with the ones below a little more to try some varied compositions. I went with the one in the bottom right corner.

Here is my finished drawing.

I took my drawing into photoshop and started trying out color palettes. I had a hard time picking just one when there were so many interesting directions to go with. I showed them to Rebecca and she actually suggested I add some large shadows to bring the focus in to the boy's face a little more. She said any of the color palettes could work first she played with 7 and then with 1. 

After class, I made a few adjusted color studies. 

From there I decided I liked the mood created by the blue green palette better even though I loved the red tigers too! (so hard to choose!) 

Here is a partially colored underpainting. (it's kind of an ugly stage)

Rebecca s gave me some suggestions for finishing touches (warm highlights on the boy, yellow eyes and a little more glow in the stripes for the tigers) to make it look complete. And here is the finish! I'm happy with how it turned out.

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